8 Week Nutrition Course

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Did you know that over half of all New Year’s Resolutions are health related? The new year signifies a new beginning. A time to start fresh and better yourself. However, how do you know what exercise routine or diet to follow?  There are so many opinions, marketing gimmicks, and contradictions out there. Whether your goal is exercise or nutrition related, let BJ Grondin and Dr. Cory St. Denis help on your journey to optimal health.  

In our new eight week online nutrition course, we collaborate to educate you on various facets of health, using scientific principles to help with nutrition and disprove diet myths. You will learn the basics of metabolism and why it slows down. We will also teach you about gut health and how to best balance your macros (and micros). The course also offers a sense of accountability and community through goal setting, check ins, and recipe sharing. You will have access to resources shared by the instructors and ample time to ask questions you may have throughout the process. 


Guidelines and Statements for the course: This presentation is not meant to offer medical, legal accounting, regulatory compliance or reimbursement advice and is not intended to establish a standard of care. Please consult professionals in these areas if you have related concerns.Keep topics and conversation related to the course material, resources, and Q&A posts. All information is welcome, but posts that are not directly related to the mission of the CLR course are subject to removal by the admin.We are here to help connect you with information. This course and any of the conversations and opinions of the instructors or other parties involved in the course are NOT to be considered direct medical advice. Any information provided to you through this course is not meant to replace the recommendations of your primary care provider, but instead support your understanding of how healthy bodies can function through informed nutrition.  Certain products that we discuss will be widely available in the market and some will be through other business models such as multi-level marketing businesses designed to ship products directly to clients from the manufacturer instead of being provided directly by the retailer. Any time a product we suggest as a resource that will provide us with monetary gains, we will acknowledge this openly. Any public forums are a safe environment to share with and encourage others.There shall be no negative or derogatory statements made toward yourself, other participants, or the admin of the course.You will learn different things in the course pertaining to, but not limited to nutrition and its effect on overall health. We encourage you to employ strategies you learn and are interested in.  We will not make or require anyone to do anything, just provide information for participants to make their best decision.

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